An Intelligent Predictive Dialer For Every Outbound Call Centers



Why Do People Call Us Call Center Specialists?

We provide our customers with the best service and value. We use only high-quality features to create a great experience for you, your staff members, or clients so that everyone is satisfied.


Techie Rental

TechieRental’s auto dialer software gives you the most professional voice recordings with a perfect accent for your customers.


Predictive Dialer

With the predictive dialer system, the software automatically makes phone calls on your behalf and connects them with an agent when they answer.


Agent Statusboard

Our designed dashboard lets you stay in the know with Current stats, Agent sales, and Talk time. Our QA failed calls are also monitored. here so that your team is never left behind when it comes to customer service or agent training needs!


Cheapest VoIP Rates

We listen to your needs, which is why we provide a transparent billing portal where you can always monitor what's going on with the balance.


Recording Portal

It’s easy to make your calls more professional with our recording portal. Now you don't need to manually record any of them - we'll automatically do it for you when connected as customers!


TPS/DNC Filtering

We are providing you with a TPS filter that will stop all incoming calls. Techie Rental's system is one of the best in preventing dialers from calling any registered number on your list, eliminating any chance for bugging or harassing behavior by an unknown caller!


Display local CallerID

A local caller ID option will allow your customers to feel at ease by showing them their current location. Whether you are not physically located in a specific place, and even if we're from out of state!



You might be wishing you had a button to press and all things would sort themselves out. CRM helps with that, too!


PCI Compliance

PCI data security is adopted by many services already as it provides a framework of different software which ensures the safety of financial information shared by customers and card data.


Internal Chat

Techie Rental offers the best chat software where you can always connect to your agents and be aware of the current situation.



Now you don’t need any phone sets to make expensive calls. You can call anyone anywhere in the world through your tablet computer, laptop, or smartphone using a web phone!


Robo Calling /Voice

With the Voice Broadcast dialer and Press 1 campaigns, you'll be able to reach potential customers in no time.


WhatsApp Integration

Your customers can now chat with your agents via WhatsApp and wait for their reply without losing any time!


ChatBot Integration

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that will respond to customer's inquiries by email, either automatically or semi-automatically.

@TechieRental A Dialer Service That Is Intelligent and Predictive

A new, fast-growing company that provides dialer services to businesses across the globe.

TechieRental uses intelligent and predictive dialers that are highly reliable, converting prospects into customers through the use of an easy-to-use web interface.

Our goal is to provide all of our clients with the means to improve their marketing efforts through the use of our service. We at TechieRental realize that this line of work isn't for everyone and we seek only those who are genuinely interested in growing their business.


From our customers' perspective, we secure their data and contacts with IP addresses. Only they have access to them - no one else can get in without authenticating themselves first!

High Level of Data Protection

High Level of Data Protection

Techie Rental’s servers are safe and secure. Only authorized people can access them, so you don't have to worry about your data being stolen by hackers or anything like that. You'll get a detailed report of all web activity on the server every week too, in case anyone tried hacking into it for any technical reasons at all - just let us know!

24/7 Support


Techies at Techie Rental provide round-the-clock technical support for their customers. The professional and polite techs of Techie Rental are always ready to help you solve any issues by providing 24x7 on-call customer service.


Client Testimonials

Techie Rental Dialer Service is an app that every call center professional should have. It features everything from integrated chat and phone functionality to a status wall for agents, all in one comprehensive software package with TechieRental's Admin panel providing real-time data on service level performance like no other product out there today can offer!.

Ashok Gupta

Real Estate Owner

TechieRental’s Dialer Service is a great company that has helped me increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and agent efficiency. I had been having trouble with the old Dialers as well but when they released their new features like automation it was all worth transferring over to them!

Ahmed Abdallah

Web Inc

With the TechieRental, I was able to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. This is all because of its features such as automated dialing with caller ID for local calls or robocalling that enables agents to work more efficiently!

Vinod Saha

IT Consultant

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Techie Rental delivers the best IT solutions and rental services to support your business growth. We are dedicated to simplifying your tech needs.

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